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Amor en Linea was founded way back in 2008, and now, it is a part of an extensive dating network with over 20 million users. This platform targets Latin America and seems to be quite popular with this community. Oasis, along with its location-targeted version Oasis UK and Tata Date are also a part of the same dating network called, just like its primary site, Oasis.

Amor en Linea, however, remains a stand-alone product and has a very specific audience in mind. Still, anyone can join this site and give their luck a try — you do not necessarily have to be of Spanish descent. If, however, you are in the mood for some hot dates with Latin Americans, you could love this particular site.

Member stats and structure

Amor en Linea has a very diverse and highly active demographics, which once again proves the point that Latin Americans are a highly attractive nation that appeals to everyone. The site has over 150 thousand newly registered users every month, and 400 thousand unique users log in this dating service every single day. Over a million of registered users come from the US. Even more active members come from Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Spain. Most Latin American logins happen from desktop, but their app is also massively popular in Australia. Great Britain and Indonesia also have quite a lot of users on this service, so you should get by now that this is one of the truly international dating websites.

Also, it has more men than women in its user database — 58 and 42 percent, respectively — which is another peculiarity of Amor en Linea. In contrast, most dating websites have more lady users, but this is clearly not the case with this service. On the other hand, men should not worry about finding gorgeous ladies with Amor en Linea because numbers alone make it highly probable. Simply put, a bit of gender disproportion is nothing to worry about.

When it comes to age demographics, Amor en Linea has things pretty standard. Site’s most active users are in their 20s and 30s. However, you can find mature 55+ matches as well. Anyone older than 18 is allowed to join.

Creating an account with Amor en Linea

Creating an account with Amor en Linea

Even though the website technically has a Facebook login, choosing this registration option will not save you any time at all. Even when signing up with Facebook, new users are still required to fill in the same information and manually enter their email. The latter will have to be verified, too.

So, you can simply register the old-fashioned way — with an email address. Aside from providing and confirming your email, you will have to think of a username, indicate your birthday, gender, and relationship goals. A whole range of different relationship goals are accepted here — from online friendships and casual dates to lasting commitment and even marriage.

Next, the site verifies all photos users upload, and there are certain rules you’ll be expected to follow if you want your picture to be approved by the site admins. First, your face should be clearly visible. Next, there are pixel and MB restrictions — at least 260 by 540 and three, respectively. And, of course, it has to be your photo, not just a pic downloaded from the Internet.

Next, you should fill in an ‘about me’ section with additional information. As usual, those are going to be your interests, hobbies, preferred qualities in a partner, any lifestyle habits you chose to share, etc. Pay special attention to the identity section that has prompts about your country of origin and the languages you speak. Amor en Linea is a very diverse site, with people coming from all over the world. So, if you took just one semester of Spanish in high school, it’s not a good idea to lie about your fluency — especially given that you are planning to meet Latin Americans whose first language is Spanish. English, however, is also massively popular the service, so no worries here.

Reaching out to other people

Reaching out to other people

The best part about this dating site is that it offers users a chance to search, preview, and message other people for free. Not so many dating sites are so generous about that, especially the ones in the international dating niche. There is no trick — this site is entirely free of charge, which probably accounts for at least part of its popularity.

If you want to reach out to other people, you can make use of either basic or advanced search filters. The first type only includes the same parameters you specified during your registration stage: gender, age, location, a few personality traits. An advanced filter is way more sophisticated than that, offering a chance to fine-tune your search for a ideal partner. You can also save your search settings instead of manually starting the whole procedure all over again.

On top of manual search, there are automatic match suggestions based on the info you specified during the registration. Amor en Linea will show you some user profiles, and you will have to either like or ignore them. You only have three days for evaluating suggested user profiles, so do not sit on the site’s offers for too long. However, you can make use of a ‘maybe’ option instead of stating a definite yes or no. In this case, you have more than three days to consider your decision.

If you and the other user mutually like each other, both appear in the accounts’ contact list. And of course, you can start talking at once. Note, however, that you will not see a dedicated tab or page for your online conversations. All messages on Amor en Linea appear as pop-ups, and sometimes, this pop-up window takes some time to load.

All contacts appear in the top right corner of the website. There is also an option of adding people to your favorites list. Accounts you’ve marked as favorites will appear on top of your contact list.

Profile information and quality

Profiles on Amor en Linea are very detailed — probably because this site encourages users to fill them out completely. If a new account has missing graphs and information, the users can only like ten other accounts a day. Profile information mostly consists of plain boxes, where users are encouraged to express themselves creatively. And it works because the vast majority of Amor en Linea accounts have proper, lengthy descriptions — as opposed to just 1-2 sentences, which is quite common on most dating apps.

User accounts can be customized with colorful themes — once again, absolutely free of charge. It is possible to add more than just one profile picture, but remember that site admins will verify all photos. So, make sure to post accordingly so that your upload would meet the site’s regulations.

In the account description field, there is a graph, “I indicated myself as a transgender.” This information is not visible to other users; however, there is another box that restricts matches with transgender people. So, even though this info technically remains private, the ethnic issue is not precisely clear.

Any information you add to your account can be modified later. Another bonus is that Amor en Linea displays user accounts from their fellow websites in the Oasis network. This is, perhaps, one of the reasons behind this website’s impressive user database. Anytime you are using one Oasis website, you are essentially making use of the entire network with millions of users worldwide.

Website design and functionality

Oasis network has plenty of experience designing dating sites and apps. As a rule, they use a very standard easy-to-navigate theme, and Amor en Linea is not an exception. All features are easily available from relevant tabs, and no one should have any difficulty finding their way around this service. The biggest concern about website design and functionally is the annoying pop-up messages and absence of classic, separate inbox tab.

One more concern is the ads, and there is no way to turn them off because this site does not have any premium subscriptions — it is genuinely, ultimately free. And, to be honest, the number of ads is simply frustrating — they even pop up when someone messages you. So, whenever you get an incoming message, there are two pop-ups at once — the message itself and the inevitable ad.

On the other hand, we must forgive Amor en Linea some of its flaws because, unlike many other dating services, it does not charge its users for anything. But, a business should bring profit, so ads are understandable. Besides, many users will agree that ads are better than monthly payments.

App and mobile version

App and mobile version

Amor en Linea browser version loads pretty fast on mobile, but you will not even need to test that because it also has an app both on Google Play and AppStore. Just like a desktop version, an app has the same layout and design as all other apps within the Oasis network. In fact, you should even search for Oasis dating in your respective store to download this application. The only difference from Oasis app is that the default language on Amor en Linea is Spanish. You can, however, modify this in settings and stick to English.

Amor en Linea app does not compromise on any of the desktop features. Also, it shows large pictures of other users’ profiles, which is not always the case on other dating platforms. Messaging other users via the app is often more convenient than via the desktop because an app actually has a dedicated tab for this. Here, contacts are sorted by time, with the last users reaching out to you listed on top.

User feedback and reception

Users’ reception of Amor en Linea is mostly positive. Even though people do complain about the ads, most seem content to be using a totally free dating service. Quite a lot of people report having found decent matches on this service, and many couples started meaningful relationships, eventually leading to marriage, on this dating site.

Users looking for casual dates have not been disappointed either. On the whole, it goes down to knowing what you want from a date and making sure to convey this info in your profile. In return, Amor en Linea will be happy to oblige and offer you quality matches that meet your search criteria. The rest, of course, is entirely up to you.

Special features from Amor en Linea

Aside from standard match suggestions, search filters, and messages, Amor en Linea offers a couple of other perks to its loyal users. The first one is a dedicated blog with advice on making your online and offline dating safe. Here, you will find the usual tips about never sending other people money, not disclosing your financial information, and not sharing any real contact details until trust is built. Amor en Linea also encourages users to set their dates in public places and staying vigilant, overall.

A second bonus is a chance to send automatic messages to every person on your contact list. Unfortunately, this message can’t be customized, and you will have to choose one of the website’s presets. Still, an opportunity is well appreciated.

Takeaway on Amor en Linea

What we and millions of other users worldwide like most about this dating site is that this service is absolutely free of charge. Surprisingly, few dating websites show the same respect for people hoping to find a date or start a relationship. While the ads do disrupt user experience now and then, both desktop and mobile versions are perfectly usable — and millions of global users are proof enough of that. No matter if you are interested in a couple of quick dates or hope to find the love your life, Amor en Linea is always happy to provide such an opportunity. So, figure out what it is you want exactly — Amor en Linea makes practically any relationship goal possible.