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Tastebuds Review 2022

Tastebuds Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 79%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 500 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 9.3
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The registration process is free of charge
  • You can use both desktop and mobile app versions
  • Speedy registration by linking Facebook accounts
  • You can link to many different music services
  • Available app for iOS
  • Android app is in the project
  • As a premium user you will have to reply to messages
  • Many users do not want relationships

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Overview of What Tastebuds Is About

Tastebuds is a popular dating website for single people who are passionate about nice music. Visitors love an easy signing up process. The verification system is quite strict, but it is the only way for Tastebuds to protect the online dating environment from potential scammers. After reading our Tastebuds review, you will discover a lot of various group discussions where singles like to talk to each other. You will appreciate seeing a modern mobile app, which you can install on iTunes. It is the way to connect with individuals who have shared interests and music preferences. By reading this Tastebuds review, you will discover a lot of interesting detailsconcerning this platform. It was founded in London ten years ago. It is an exclusive online service to help single people find each other and share similar music tastes. It is not a simple dating website. It is a space to meet many friends and look for new music tendencies you will fall in love with. The platform has a very creative way of using music as a tool to check whether people fit each other. Most dating websites focus on appearance, physical features, or other characteristics as a chinalovecupid hookup dating platform. Tastebuds is focused exclusively on your music tastes. You can find a new friend and a love partner—good music will be your starting point. In our opinion, it is the best place for you to find love and friends.

Tastebuds: Legit or Scam Service?

Most people think that online dating websites are full of scammers. However, Tastebuds is not a typical dating platform. It connects people through good music. The target audience of Tastebudsis much more interested in finding friends with shared music interests than to scam each other for money. We did the in-depth research while preparing Tastebuds review, and we could not spot any negative comments in terms of scams or fakes. Besides, you can install an iPhone app on your smartphone or tablet to boost your legit dating experience.

Member Structure

Member Structure

  • There are around 101,700 members from the USA.
  • 70,000 activeloginsweekly.
  • You can create a detailed personal profile.
  • The overall number of users is more than 500,000.
  • The majority of participants are musically-oriented people with excellent taste.

You can meet all kinds of guys here. Some users are searching for new friends, fun concert buddies, or they just want to listen to new songs. Note that you are allowed to signup if you are 18 years old. The minors are not permitted to use the services of dating sites. Unless you want to have problems with the law, once you join the dating platform, you will find out that the majority of users are quite young, something between 25-34 years old. There is also a group of younger people who are 18-24 years old. The website treats all the members equally, regardless of their age or gender. The top priority is to protect the community from fake accounts and scammers.

Sexual Orientation

Tastebuds is not about sexual orientation or niche dating. This dating platform unites people with a common passion. Music connects individuals of all types of sexual orientations. It is nice to have a place where people do not speak only about marriage, sex, or hookups. Here all the members are focused on great music. Art is beyond everything.

Age Distribution

This unique dating site welcomes all single people who are above 18 years old. You have to be mature enough to use dating services to avoid any kind of legal issues.

How to Sign Up

How to Sign Up/Login to Tastebuds?

  • Registration is simple and super-fast;
  • It is possible to sign up through Facebook accounts;
  • All new members have to fulfill the “City” section;
  • Users who are 18 years old or above have the right to join the platform.

We encourage all newbies of Tastebuds to complete their accounts. It is the way to attract a lot of potential matches to your personality. The entire registration process is quite simple. You will finish it in a couple of minutes. Even the verification process is strict but not challenging to go through. Once a new member is logged in, he or she will have to answer a few questions about yourself. Also, it is crucial to upload an eye-catching profile image. The next step is to select a list of your favorite musicians/bands. This will help Tastebuds to match you with a lot of singles who share the same music interests and preferences. After finishing all the steps, your Tastebuds profile tab is placed on the top right side of the PC screen. You can see that it states “100%.” All the users who did this have much higher chances to meet perfectly suitable matches. Note that it is not the obligation, rather a practical recommendation for you. You can modify or finish this section any time later. By the way, in our Tastebuds review, we want to mention that it is allowed to add as many images as you wish. As soon as you have finished the process of signing up, it is time to launch your search for all potential matches. You can start by pressing the “Get Lucky” and “People” website tabs. The only downside we discovered that users do not have an exclusive option for introducing themselves to the online community.

The Art of Creating Your Profile

  • The website has eye-catching profiles with high-quality characteristics.
  • You do not have to pay to search/view pages of other members.
  • Users have the right to use a free search tool with numerous filters.
  • All profile images of other members are displayed for free.
  • Detailed profiles increase your chances of finding a lot of matches.

When you start creating your page, you should be ready to share your favorite artists, musicians, and bands. Music is a common interest for everyone. It is also a way to learn about new and prominent musicians. If you prefer to use the platform anonymously, you need access to the “Incognito” feature, which is available for premium members. Users’ profiles are detailed in terms of music, but you will not see a lot of personal information like all traditional dating websites provide. You can leave your account without too many details and come back to it later. It is allowed to modify the information any time you want. Note that all the pictures you upload to your profile are visible to the community, even the ones who do not purchase a subscription plan.

Tastebuds dating site reviews all added information very attentively. They are responsible for the safety of all the members. They want everyone to feel secure while using Tastebuds online services. Once you open your profile, there are a lot of text placeholders to fulfill. There is a special section where you can verify that the owner of a particular account is authentic. You can check the information when a specific member was the last time online. In case you are suspicious about some members, or you find their shared content to be completely inappropriate, we encourage you to send the report to the admin immediately. When needed, members have the right to block/unblock annoying people.

When you reach the final point of completing your profile, you have to share your favorite musicians, do not forget to tell the community something interesting about your personality and life in general. It is highly recommended to upload a profile image. Do not forget to check the section called the “Facts About Me.” You can fulfill/edit this part when you have time and feel like doing it.


  • All users can get free access to numerous search options.
  • There is no need for contract proposals.
  • There are a lot of filter options, such as gender, location, age, favorite musicians.

We recommend you to check the “Message Bomb” feature, which allows you to send a pre-composed message to eight matches free of charge. It is your chance to attract people and start interesting conversations. If you do not want to be limited in terms of sending/receiving messages, you will have to purchase a subscription plan. If you’re going to use chatrooms, you have to install a mobile app, because PCs allow only inbox-type letters. It is a rare website that allows texting free of charge on your first website use. Those who do not have the “Backstage Pass” will have to face the limitations in terms of sending/receiving messages until they find perfect matches. In order to find matches, you have access to the “Message Bomb”/”Get Lucky” features. They are exclusively created to help you discover who your perfect partners are. Note that the “Message Bomb” option can be used one time per day. The “Get Lucky” one does not have limitations. So, you have to press the page to see the list of potential matches.

How to Use This Dating Platform

How to Use This Dating Platform?

Desktop Version

The desktop version of the website is user-friendly. When you use it on a PC, you can enjoy the full set of efficient messaging features. Also, when you are browsing people’s profiles, it is better to see the photos on the big screen. The disadvantage of the desktop version is the lack of mobility.


  • Easytouseapplication;
  • Excellentgraphicdesign;
  • Availablechatroom;
  • You can get the app on iTunes only;
  • You can link the app to Spotify/iPhone music library.

The positive thing about the Tastebuds mobile application is that it is efficient for synchronizing all your favorite songs directly to your iPhone Library. You can sync the music to a Spotify account too. It is even possible to find matched people by scanning the music library. The advantage of the program is that it has a fun chatting function. It is very efficient for sending/receiving private messages.

Design and Usability

We like the design of both the website and the app. Its style has a lot in common with popular social media networks. Also, we discovered many similarities with online dating websites. The exclusive music-related content and icons make this site unique.

How to Navigate the Site?

Navigation of the website and app is straightforward and pretty fast. You can load any page in less than five seconds. Make sure that your internet speed is fast enough not to spoil your dating experience. All the functions and tools are not complicated at all. However, the developer should read the forums and make suggestions for improvement into consideration.

Tastebuds: Pricing Policy

All the members of Tastebuds who decided to purchase the subscription plan will have access to a lot of paid services. First of all, you will be allowed to use Messaging options without limitations. Secondly, you can use this dating platform in the Incognito Mode. Before you get access to these features, we encourage you to subscribe to theTastebudsBackstage Pass. This paid messaging will allow you to read/send private texts. Also, you will have the chance to explore the website without being bothered by advertisement interruptions. By applying the Incognito Mode, you have the right to hide your online status and view any profile anonymously.

Free vs. Fee-Based Tastebuds Dating Services

You will get access to the following free Tastebuds dating services:

  • Signup/login;
  • Build your profile;
  • Search for the match;
  • Participate in group discussions and threads;
  • Access to basic messaging features.

You will get access to the following fee-based Tastebuds dating services:

  • Unlimited private messaging options;
  • Freedom fromads;
  • Workin incognitomode;
  • Viewusers’ profiles anonymously.

How and How Much to Pay to Get the Tastebuds Subscription Plan?

All that you need is the Backstage Pass, which is very easy to get. A Tastebuds member has to go to the “Go Backstage” section, which you can find under a profile image) and press “Subscribe.” You should be ready to provide your full name, valid address, and general payment info. Finally, you have to press “Pay.” Tastebudswill send you the email as a confirmation of your purchase.

Tastebuds dating service offers its members the following pricing options:

  • One Month will cost you 10.00 USD
  • Three Months will cost you 6.66 USD per month (19.98 USD in total).
  • Six Months will cost you 5.00 USD per month (30.00 USD in total).

Tastebuds: Pricing Policy

Users who choose the three-month Tastebuds dating service subscription will get a 33% discount offer. If you purchase the six-month plan, you will receive a 50%price reduction.

It is essential to mention that your premium subscription will get updated automatically as soon as your paid period is expired. The website does everything for you not to be interrupted while interacting with the community. It is allowed to cancel the chosen package. You should go to the “Account” and the “Settings” page. Note that even if you cancel your subscription plan, you can still use all the benefits till the end of the term. Once the duration gets expired, all fee-based features will be blocked.

Available Payment Methods

A lot of users wonder what payment methods they can use in order to get Tastebuds Backstage Pass. You can purchase it using all kinds of credit/debit card or PayPal.

Security While Using the Tastebuds Website

Usually, newcomers question whether Tastebuds is legit. We did this Tastebuds review to assure that the site is legit and secure to use. It has been engaging people from all around the world to communicate through great music for more than ten years. You can be sure that your dating account is fully protected. The highly professional staff can ensure all of the users’ security.

In case a member is not completely satisfied with the dating services, or you have found your second half, you can deactivate your account. You should go to the “Settings,” find the “Account” tab, and then press “Deactivate your account.” From this point, your page and all personal data are not visible to other members anymore. You will stop receiving emails and other notifications. Also, your profile will never be displayed on the search results. However, you have the right to reactivate yourTastebuds account anytime.


All profiles onTastebuds get checked for fraudulent acts. However, the online dating world is never 100% secure. That is why you should report all suspicious accounts. It is not difficult to notice fakes. Follow your instincts.

Special Features

Special Features

In order to experience the full potential of this music-related dating website, you have to get access to the complete set of unique features that are available for paying members. Yourenjoymentwillhavenolimits.

  • Soapbox
    It is the place where the members can find the most exciting group threads, as well as music-related discussions. Do not forget that there are a lot of extra sub-categories, which you should check and select the most relevant for your preferences. To make our Tastebuds review full, we tested many categories and discovered that they are mainly devoted to popular bands and their stunning songs. However, Tastebudsis not only about music but dating experience as well. So, you can find exciting discussions where people talk about their dating and life in general. Do not feel shy about launching your own thread and meet new friends while communicating about exciting subjects.
  • Questions
    The website does not want any member to get bored. That is why the developer created a particular page, which is called “Questions.” Everyone can answer interesting random questions. It helps you kill time when you have to wait for someone/something. This Tastebudsfeature is the best entertainment to let the time pass faster.
  • Bored?
    This feature is ideal for members who dream of becoming private investigators. You should know that the moderators have access to your account. This is how they protect your privacy. However, the job of identifying fake Tastebuds accounts is not easy even for them. They need our assistance. They have a creative solution to this issue. The idea is to go on the “Bored?” feature, which you can find under the “More” section, and check the images, which seem to be not legit. Your job is to check those images. If you find one that does not display a real person, you have to submit it. It is an excellent opportunity to become the moderator just for entertainment.

Tastebuds Review:Conclusion

Tastebuds Review:Conclusion

In our opinion, Tastebuds can be considered an excellent dating site. Tastebuds hookup is not the priority; people are much more focused on art and pleasant conversations. It is a perfect community for single people who are into art and music. The Tastebuds platform fits perfectly those who are fully music-oriented and do not mind to find a match, a new friend, or passionate love. As soon as you sign up on the site, you discover that the majority of visitors come here not only for dating, yet you can easily find your perfect match here. It is the place to enjoy your favorite music, discover new tendencies, and find entertaining friends online who live just in your area. Do not ignore the discussions on forums. We hope that there will be even more improvements in the nearest future. Usually, theTastebuds admins evaluate all the comments members write and try to make the suggestions they receive. WE find the design of the dating site a little bit too stagnant. Also, let’s hope that the company will present the application for Android devices, too, because not all members use iTunes. After checking a lot of accessible and fun dating, we are ready to give Tastebudsquite a high rate.

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